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Osaka Subway e-map

Osaka Subway e-map

 We provide you an online version of the Osaka Subway Map overlaid on top of the Osaka City Google Map.

 It uses Javascript and the Google Map API. It can as well be used as an embedded element of your webpage, on which you will be able to add custom information such as route map, company details

Why to choose E-na for your web system project ?

 Founded in 2006, E-na Co. Ltd brings to you strong experience in website design and development. We are based in Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto areas and we are gradually expanding our services to other regions of Japan.

 We focus on developping easy-to-use solutions for our customers by using the AJAX Technology.

Website Design

Our combined skills in graphic design, website development and marketing strategy enable us to prodive to our clients a key marketing tool for small companies or large corporations.

Web System Development

We aim to develop low-cost and efficient applications.

We also offer Content Management System (CMS) integration or development services.

Did you think about a CMS Integration ?

What is CMS ?

 A CMS(Content Management System) is web application used to manage and publish website content.

CMS Integration

 Up to now, in order to modify the content of your website you have been either contacting the web agency or editing manually the HTML code.

 However, a CMS will allow you to easily manage with the content to publish via an administration panel.