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Web System Development - Osaka and Kobe.
E-na Co., Ltd
7-21-5F Hiroshiba-cho, Suita-Shi, Osaka Japan
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About Us

Company Information

Company Name E-na Co.,LTD.
Registration Number: E18-2737
Foundation May 2006
Director Enokiuchi Satoshi
Address 〒564-0052
7-21-5F Hiroshiba-cho, Suita-Shi, Osaka Japan
Line of business
  • Mobile mail distribution ASP
  • Website Design
  • Web Systems Development
  • Outsourcing
  • Web Representation
Phone / Fax TEL (+81) 6-6155-4117
FAX (+81) 6-6155-4122
Bank Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, Sannomiya Branch


  • We focus on developping easy-to-use, efficient and low-cost solutions for our customers.
  • We prodive to our clients key marketing tools for small companies or large corporations.

Director Profile

E-na Director

E-na Co. Ltd. Director 
Enokiuchi Satoshi

Fundamental Information Technology Engineer
Certified Social Worker

  • 1978

    Born in Osaka

  • 1992

    Starting with the N80 Basic Programming

  • 1999

    Hitchhike Trip Cross Country

  • 2000

    Graduation. Certified Social Worker

  • April 2000

    Worked for the Regional Council of In-Home Care Support Center.

  • October 2003

    Private Secretary of a member of the Lower House (Democratic Party), Candidate in Nagatacho.

  • From May 2006

    Running E-na Co. Ltd.
    WEB Systems Development, Website Design, Mobile Mail Distribution, Web Consulting.

  • October 2008

    Performed at the M-1 Gran Prix. (Eliminated at the 1st round)